Do You Need To Use A Local Conveyancing Solicitor

Published on 24 January 2023 at 16:25

Too often homeowners and property developers are caught by estate agents when it comes to procuring a conveyancing solicitor. You’ll be told that, by using their solicitors, the process will be much easier and faster. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case – as the conveyancing process is standard regardless of which solicitor you choose. This article gives a short and long answer to the question: do you need to use a local conveyancing solicitor?


The Short Answer:

You don’t need to use a local conveyancing solicitor, as there are conveyancers based in London that service clients across the United Kingdom.

The Long Answer:

With a national postal service and the convenience of the internet, many processes involved in conveyancing are now performed over email and via post. In fact, it has become almost a rarity for conveyancing solicitors to request in-person meetings with clients. Some solicitors may suggest that being local is an advantage, but the only real benefit a local conveyancing solicitor is that – instead of emailing documents through – you can pop over to your solicitor’s offices and deliver them in person, however this will often mean waiting in reception for some time and will definitely mean taking time out of your day.

Choosing the Right Conveyancing Solicitor

We’re saying you don’t need to partner with a local conveyancing solicitor, but by no means are we suggesting that you use the first solicitor you find on Google! Below are a few questions you should ask your conveyancing solicitor:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have any testimonials to read?
  • What is their Feefo rating?
  • Do they offer other services like remortgaging or home insurance?
  • Do they have an online presence? (website, social media)
  • Are their solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority?
  • Do they offer 24/7 support or only during office hours?
  • If you end up not moving, do their solicitors still take a fee?
  • Are they affiliated with any other service providers?
  • Do they offer Home Buyers Protection on every purchase covering you for up to £2250 in fees spent if your buyer pulls out through no fault of your own – We know they wont!

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